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Short Cuts

SMNYC 2024: Grabyo's Clare Butler Talks Cloud Streaming Services and Pricing Models

Streaming Media's Tim Siglin interviews Grabyo's Clare Butler at Streaming Media NYC 2024. 她强调,Grabyo不受地域限制,适合任何在现场工作的人, including news broadcasters, sports clubs, and entertainment producers. She also emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of cloud solutions, noting that cloud technology is now at parity with on-prem solutions, offering features like instant replay and SCTE-35 ad insertions.

SMNYC 2024: LPG edu创始人和Netflix全球教育校友Lori Greene谈论职业枢纽和找到你的目标

Streaming Media's Tim Siglin interviews LPG edu founder Lori Greene at Streaming Media NYC 2024. Greene formerly ran global education at Netflix. She discusses the challenges of teaching online and the importance of engaging students. She also shares her insights on career development, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's purpose, personal branding, networking, and being a positive force.

SMNYC 2024: Tastemade的Evan Bregman谈论独立流媒体联盟和标准化测量

At Streaming Media NYC, 蒂姆·西格林采访了Tastemade和独立流媒体联盟(ISA)的埃文·布雷格曼,讨论了Tastemade流媒体服务的快速增长,以及ISA旨在通过合作和在碎片化的生态系统中标准化测量来克服流媒体行业的障碍.

SMNYC 2024: Paramount's Steve Ellis Talks Premium Content, Ads, and Measurement

流媒体的蒂姆·西格林在2024年纽约流媒体大会上采访了派拉蒙广告首席运营官史蒂夫·埃利斯. 埃利斯讨论了广告支持流媒体的增长,以及派拉蒙作为这一领域先驱的角色, 他还强调了整集节目在有效接触和吸引观众方面的重要性. 他和Siglin还谈到了新的尼尔森测量方法,该方法显示了所有付费出版商和YouTube的总受众范围, and he emphasizes the need for effective ads that align with the objectives of awareness, consideration, and last-click attribution.

SMNYC 2024: Bedrock CEO Jonas Engwall Talks Pan-European Streaming Platform Growth

流媒体的蒂姆·西格林在2024年纽约流媒体大会上采访了Bedrock Streaming首席执行官乔纳斯·恩沃尔. Bedrock is a leading streaming tech company in Europe, and Engwall discusses their new M6+ platform, which features short-form content in a vertical form, podcasts, and advanced AI search. Engwall also talks about how Bedrock aims to help stakeholders pivot into the streaming world, offering a platform that can be tailored to different countries and partners' needs.

NAB 2024: JVC Talks New PTZ Cams and 12-channel vMix Studio Switcher

JVC的Alicia Reed讨论了JVC的key - pz510和key - pz540 PTZ摄像机的主要功能-包括超窄变焦, super-wide angle, and smart auto-tracking--as well as JVC's new 12-channel vMix Studio Switcher with NDI, SRT, 在NAB 2024的JVC展位上对流媒体的Marc Franklin进行了采访.

NAB 2024: BirdDog Talks X1 and X1 Ultra PTZs and MAKI Box Camera

BirdDog Founder & 在NAB 2024的BirdDog展位上,首席执行官丹·米尔在接受流媒体记者肖恩·林的采访时,讨论了BirdDog最新的相机产品——X1和X1 Ultra PTZs以及MAKI Ultra箱形相机.

NAB 2024: Allen & Heath Talks CQ Series Digital Audio Mixers

Allen & Heath Marketing Specialist Richard Starr gives viewers a close-up look at Allen & Heath's CQ Series digital audio mixers with their touchscreen and physical controls, automatic mic mixer, presets for conferences, garage bands, and more, and remote operation capabilities in this interview with Streaming Media's Shawn Lam from the Allen & Heath booth at NAB 2024.

NAB 2024: Blackmagic Design, SMPTE 2110, and Video Over IP

In this interview from the Blackmagic Design booth at NAB 2024, Blackmagic Design的Bob Caniglia和Streaming Media的Shawn Lam讨论了Blackmagic如何使制作人能够将4K和高清信号转换为SMPTE 2110,以便他们可以跨IP网络移动内容, 他们的新开源2110 IP编解码器和新的配备10g端口的Blackmagic Design相机支持它,如PYXIS 6K和URSA Cine 12K.

NAB 2024: vMix Talks vMix 27 and Zoom Integration

Among the key features of vMix 27 are Zoom integration, 允许远程百家乐软件app最新版下载引入(理论上)无限数量的远程访客, vMix高级系统工程师Heath Barker在NAB的vMix展位上接受了流媒体的Shawn Lam的采访. Barker also does a quick hands-on demo of how the feature works.

NAB 2024: PTZOptics Talks Hive Studio and Remote Camera Control

PTZOptics Director of Technology Matthew Davis discusses Hive Studio, PTZOptics new cloud-based remote camera control solution, in this interview with Streaming Media's Shawn Lam at NAB 2024.

What Is ATSC 3.0 and Is it Coming for Streaming?

Questions abound about ATSC 3.0, aka NextGen TV: Is it OTA? Is it OTT? Is it CTV? Can my TV play it? Is it coming for streaming with its promise of new lean-forward, interactive consumer experiences and addressable advertising? Where does it overlap with OTT and FAST, and what does it offer viewers that they aren't getting from OTA TV now? ATSC President Madeleine Noland, E.W. Scripps VP Strategy Kerry Oslund, Sinclair CIO Scott Ehrlich, 和Dillon Media Ventures的Rob Dillon在这段来自流媒体连接2024的视频中探讨了这些问题以及更多问题.

NAB 2024: Atomos Talks Ninja Phone

On the show floor at NAB 2024, 流媒体和SLV Live的Shawn Lam采访了Atomos首席执行官jeremy Young关于新的Atomos忍者手机, which turns an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max into a 1600nit, 10-bit, 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 460ppi, HDR OLED, ProRes monitor-recorder for any pro HDMI camera.

How Can Sports Streaming Surpass Broadcast and Cable?

The first measure of sports streaming success is replicating the cable/broadcast experience, 但AWS的朱莉·尼南·索萨坚持认为,在利用流媒体的核心优势方面,体育流媒体应该把目标定得更高, from interactivity to betting to personalization to live ecommerce. 与此同时,ViewLift的Chance Mason认为,下一级体育流媒体传输的关键是像AWS这样的流媒体基础设施公司接受他们作为D2C媒体公司的新兴角色,并在这一层面与体育联盟和体育版权所有者合作. Souza, Mason, 和Altman Solon的Matt del Percio在流媒体连接2024的这段视频中讨论了体育流媒体的这些和其他新兴机会.

Brand Identity and Multiplatform Streaming Apps

How important is maintaining brand identity and differentiation in streaming UX and app design, and how critical, or even possible or advisable, is it to sustain a consistent look and feel across different platforms? And how crucial is branding in the overall fan experience, or building a fan base for the content associated with your brand? YouTube TV's Esther Ahn, MagellanTV's James Lauzun, and Crunchyroll's Tom Hurlbutt weigh in, in this discussion with Reality Software's Nadine Krefetz at Streaming Media Connect 2024.

How Globo Handles Latency Costs for Live Sports Streaming at Scale

When it comes to implementing streaming tech for large-scale, high-stakes live sports, often decisions around managing latency are driven as much by cost concerns as network conditions, audience expectations, and the like. Globo Digital Products, Platform & Adtech经理Jonas Ribeiro在流媒体连接2024上与Eyevinn Technology的Magnus Svensson讨论了Globo在典型体育流媒体上的延迟,以及影响这些数字的因素.

How CBS Sports Approaches Cloud vs. On-Prem Streaming Workflows

Most of the essential elements of streaming workflows and architecture are moving toward the cloud, 但是驱动流工作流程开发的根本问题应该永远不是我们如何将这个或那个流程迁移到云上, but what will serve the production and the viewer best, according to CBS Sports Senior Director, Advanced Production Technology Corey Smith, 在与Eyevinn Technology的Magnus Svensson的流媒体连接2024的讨论中,谁打破了这些问题.

Can Data Normalization Fix FAST?

Arguably, FAST生态系统面临的两个最大挑战是管理广告体验和为支持该平台的品牌提供投资回报率. Experts, from Fremantle's Laura Florence to Fuse Media's Patrick Courtney to Media Cartographer Evan Shapiro, 同意将他们收集的数据标准化,并按照程序化广告的承诺进行投放,这是实现这一切的关键. But as this clip from Streaming Media Connect 2024 reveals, it's easier said than done.

Walmart’s Vizio Acquisition and the Future of FAST

沃尔玛(Walmart)最近收购Vizio,以及亚马逊Prime将收购Freevee的传闻,这些都告诉我们FAST生态系统的状况如何? 像Tubi和Fremantle这样的公司如何在不断变化的媒体环境中优化他们的FAST产品? Tubi的Sam Harowitz和Fremantle的Laura Florence在流媒体连接2024上与媒体制图师Evan Shapiro进行了讨论.

AWS, ViewLift, & Altman Solon on the State of Sports Media 2024

Live sports is the last appointment viewing left in the media world, but meanwhile, 在授权和权利以及流媒体用户访问他们想要看到的游戏的能力方面,混乱占据了主导地位. AWS Head of Sports Julie Neenan Souza, ViewLift VP Chance Mason, 和Altman Solon导演Matt DelPercio在这段来自流媒体连接2024的视频中讨论了体育媒体的现状.