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今年早些时候,我有机会尝试学习冲浪. 看起来很简单,对吧? 站在跳板上,水推动你前进. 这有点像制作直播:人们出现了, 你把相机对准他们, 点击按钮在它们之间切换, 上线, 你有一个完美的直播活动, 正确的?

Having never surfed before, I opted to take lessons, just in case it wasn’t as easy as it looked. 当我在水上的时候, 我看到人们在冲浪板上走来走去, 向后站, 和狗狗一起冲浪, 做倒立——真的. 我想我很快就能做到.

But I’m very glad that I took the lessons because I soon found out how hard surfing really is. 在, 失败, 受伤, 看, 和学习, I saw some parallels between my lessons on the water and the streaming business—which isn’t quite as easy as it looks either.

1. 以做为条件: 你需要做好准备,当你表演的时候. I watched these guys paddle out to the waves as if they had a motor under their surfboard. 我划桨,就像站着不动一样. 我下了船,走着冲浪板回到海浪边几次. 冲浪者所做的一切都需要条件反射, 让它看起来毫不费力, 来自于每天都去做.

现场制作也是如此. 当你经常这样做的时候,你会变得更好,事情也会变得更自然. 你知道会发生什么. 你知道该去哪里. You’re prepared for that next thing without having to really think about it. This “conditioning” comes from doing it—even if “it” is just rehearsals and tests.

2. 专注: Physical, mental, situational—every aspect of surfing comes together in one moment. In between lessons I’d been 看 a surf competition on TV in the hotel. These pros were surfing 10'–12' waves, which are small by their standards. 我观察冲浪者是如何将注意力集中在海浪上的, 定位自己, 然后努力使最好的运行可能, 或者在需要的时候进行救助.

It takes complete situational awareness, mental focus, and the physical ability to make it happen. 我们在生产过程中往往会消耗大量的咖啡和能量饮料, 因为专注的需要同样重要. You’re paying attention not only to what you’re doing, but what others are doing. You’re following the run of show, and you’re always mindful of what might go wrong.

3. 在正确的时间出现在正确的地点; 冲浪者或流线者, 你可能是你所做的工作中最熟练的人, but your skills won’t save you if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. 在冲浪, the waves follow worldwide weather conditions that you can’t see when you’re in the water. 无论是环游世界到不同的冲浪地点, or positioning yourself in the 正确的 place in the water wherever you paddle in your board, 你需要做好准备.

同样的, 当我们举办活动时, 我们需要知道比例, 我们报道的是谁和什么, 他们会去哪里,什么时候去, 然后会发生什么呢, 为了确保我们在正确的地方有装备来覆盖所有的东西. Then that gear needs to be operated by people who have the situational awareness to get the 正确的 shots. Rehearsals help, but setting up the gear in the 正确的 place from the outset is important too.

4. 放眼地平线之外有几次, 当时我正在学习看水, 我已经准备好迎接我认为即将到来的海浪, 但是教练让我等一等, 因为他看到后面还有别的东西. Tiny little wavelets indicating a bigger movement of water that could carry me further. 他知道要超越眼前的人.

现场生产, 我们眼前发生的事很重要, but a good producer/director is also looking towards the next thing—the “bigger picture,可以这么说. 这样,他们就可以为可能让别人大吃一惊的事情做好准备. 如果你听过大联盟体育赛事的电话, the director is calling things to be ready well in advance of when they might be needed. 那个菜鸟球员会被叫上场吗? 把他的包裹准备好. 他们会叫暂停吗? 得到广告时间的提示. 他们是要踢还是要跑? As a good director you should be thinking 30 seconds or more beyond what you see in front of you.

5. 永远要有礼貌: When I was learning to surf, I was always surrounded by other people on surfboards. In order for me (or anyone else) to be able to make the most of an opportunity I needed those around me to be courteous enough not to steal that opportunity from me, 或者撞倒我. 我也需要为他们做同样的事. 多个冲浪者可能在一个波浪上争夺位置, 而谁能真正坐上车,几乎都是经过协商的.

在生产中, there are a lot of people who do the same thing as we do—other producers, 其他摄影机操作员, 等. We may compete for one gig, we might refer each other for gigs, we might even work together on a gig. 即使有竞争, 我们都在同一片海浪上, 所以做生意要有礼貌.

6. 在你成功之前不要假装; 在冲浪中,你在很多方面都很容易受伤. I hopped off my board and tried to run through the water to get back out to the waves faster, 被一只海胆盯上了. 脚趾上的小刺. 我没有听教练的话,他让我待在冲浪板上. 我以为我更清楚. 我学会了谦卑.

当你开始直播视频的时候, 或者转移到一个新的领域, 一个好的导师可以帮助你很快学到很多东西. You’ll also learn a lot better by letting mentors and teachers help you avoid the mistakes that you can’t even see. 你该认错了. 总有人比你懂得更多. 从这种心态开始,事情就会好很多.

7. 保持专注直到最后: 当我做得更好的时候, 有一些波浪, 几乎一路冲到岸边, 人们很容易变得自大,失去注意力. 这会让你在水里滑得尽可能快. And water on top of a smooth, wobbly surfboard, I can tell you, can be slippery.

你很容易被周围发生的事情分散注意力, 但是你需要专注于你正在做的事情, 为了确保一切都顺利进行. 我们有多少次看到一场比赛在最后几秒决定胜负? 演出在真正结束之前不会结束. 保持专注到最后.

8. 从错误中吸取教训: 我多次在海浪中跌倒. By 失败 I learned a little bit on how to not repeat my mistakes, and why. 从错误中学习, 以及我做错了什么, I got better at doing the 正确的 thing and making it all the way to shore.

We incorporate redundancies into live production because we know, from experience, things will fail. 尽管如此,还是会犯错误. So, we change how we do something to avoid making the same mistakes next time. 从失败中吸取教训告诉我们今天要做什么. 它也使我们在心理上有足够的弹性来处理问题, 然后继续, 在我们所做的事情上更成功. 


现在就订阅 最新一期 过去的问题


今天, we are seeing a similar conglomeration of features and abilities in today's production hardware, 让一个人“包揽一切”!这就引出了一个问题:你应该做所有的事情吗?


While the All-In-One live production and streaming tools grow and mature, let's make sure we keep backup solutions in mind to ensure a successful production—even if it still means a table full of gear.


The customer wanting to watch your stream on Insta does not want a horizontal video shoehorned into a vertical frame. The customer 看 the horizontal version doesn't want the vertical slice with the same thing blurred out behind it to fill the frame. 这些顾客都渴望那种特殊的体验. 你的工作就是给你的顾客他们渴望的东西.


There's a lot more imperfect gear on the market than ever before—gear we can't count on from gig to gig. 不能提供可靠视频的设备. 功能可以工作,然后不工作. 连接后又断开的设备. 我们已经失去了核心可靠性. 防弹需要成为一种功能.

FAST生产? 慢慢来

FAST节目需要广告空间. 除非你有意在节目中加入这个空间, 它只是随机地分割你的内容, ruining the mood of narrative content and frustrating viewers just as the show was getting to the "good part.“现在在Roku设备上观看YouTube内容是这样的. The random "pop" to commercials in the middle of a scene is very annoying.


The production and communication tools we use are ever-more tied to the cloud, and to take advantage of it is to open a door of possibility and additional 能力. 你今天想去哪里?


钟摆在短暂的一段时间内重新偏离了流媒体, 但COVID让数百万人看到了权力, 能力, 以及流媒体的便利性——对提供者和与会者来说. It also helped a lot of people realize that it's not as easy as it looks. I see the end result moving that pendulum toward more streaming—and more kinds of streaming—in the near future