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掌声的阿德里安·加西亚写了关于流媒体的交集, sports, 赌博创造了一个充满活力和快速发展的环境. 随着流媒体技术的进步,体育博彩变得更容易获得, testing and integration of these elements is needed to transform how seamlessly fans enjoy sports and gambling.


Victor Yakovlev, Associate Director, Product Marketing, PubMatic, discusses how there are two rising superpowers in the digital marketing space right now, and they're not competing. 他们正在融合,他概述了为什么这对营销人员来说是一个极好的消息.


With more content, 通过更多的设备和应用程序交付, 付费电视和流媒体运营商都在努力争夺眼球. 对于视频娱乐行业来说,这是一个动荡的时期, 市场饱和和用户流失率高的地方, and operators now more than ever need to understand and meet the evolving demands of consumers. 通过调整他们的产品与消费者的期望, 运营商可以开拓竞争优势, enhance revenue streams and strengthen their position in a fiercely competitive market.


在不断发展的流媒体领域, Paramount's Q1 earnings call revealed a complex picture with a myriad of opportunities and challenges. 在领导层更迭和围绕战略合并的猜测中, 派拉蒙正处于关键时刻. Dan Goman, Founder and CEO of Ateliere, writes discusses how their recent maneuvers will undoubtedly have major repercussions for the global streaming industry.


Reaching the various viewers, listeners, 媒体的消费者不再仅仅关注你的主要渠道. You have to find ways to engage them where they are, no matter how they want to communicate. 到2024年,这将涉及移动应用程序, web apps, websites, streaming apps, other streaming services, and more. 它还包括提供访问你的内容的人——移动运营商, internet carriers, and cable providers.


As broadcasters and content providers head to next week's NAB conference in Las Vegas, 一场悄无声息的变革正在内容和, more specifically, content delivery. 这不仅仅是内容的演变,而是内容的消费和传递方式. 因此,互联互通是今年论坛的一个重要主题.


Creator-driven ads, 全面动态创意优化, 以及实时上下文信息将出现在联网电视上


随着媒体领域的复杂性不断增长, media organizations across the value chain face increased challenges to getting their content to audiences quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. However, Catherine Gonzalez Pack of LTN outlines how the right MSP partner will enable media companies to accelerate their go-to-market and achieve long-term business success while driving cost efficiencies.


而央视显然有很大的潜力, 大有前途的混合动力, 数字化带来的实时效益与品牌安全, 背靠椅背,享受线性电视的体验, Geoff Wolinetz of OpenX believes that biddable CTV needs to address two key problems: ad fraud on the open market and a lack of standardized measurement protocols.

Singing in the Digital Subway: How Livestreaming Bridges Our Need for Connection

在人与人之间的联系在2020年达到历史最低点之后, people flocked to online platforms like Twitch to fill the sudden void we were suddenly and collectively experiencing. 流媒体迅速发展,容纳了各种各样的激情, 从游戏到烹饪再到运动等等. Lux Narayan, StreamAlive的联合创始人兼首席执行官, outlines the specific ways that streaming stands to benefit from a conversational atmosphere and offers actionable ways that streamers can implement these interactions to connect with their audience.


在今天的视频流媒体领域, the quest for effective advertising has led to a paradigm shift toward dynamic ad insertion (DAI). This cutting-edge approach enables advertisers to target specific audiences with tailored content, 最大化用户粘性和收益潜力. 随着流媒体行业的持续飙升, DAI is a game-changer, 有望增强盈利和观众体验.

Streaming Wars: End-to-End Quality Assurance and Video Analysis Gives Streaming Service Providers the Upper Hand

The battle for audience retention continues to intensify in the highly competitive streaming realm. Anupama Anantharaman of Interra Systems highlights the critical role that end-to-end quality assurance, media QC monitoring, and in-depth video analysis play in meeting the escalating demands of today's video consumers and why the role of these processes is becoming more crucial than ever.


Traditional, 受控的广播环境正在被动态的广播环境所取代, complex ecosystems where multiple applications and services must coexist harmoniously. 挑战在于保持提供者主要服务的质量, 比如带有动态插入广告的线性电视, while accommodating the diverse requirements for and potential interference from third-party applications. Witbe的Yoann Hinard讨论了整个过程中面临的挑战, including remote monitoring, dynamic ad insertion, and QC testing across devices.


TV is being digitized at an interesting time on the digital advertising timeline. 就像广告商能够在大屏幕上瞄准受众一样, 他们最喜欢的方法——第三方cookie——正在消失. This is inconvenient, but David Naffis, GM of CTV at Kargo, argues that it's also a catalyst to force advertisers to test and perfect other targeting methodologies on CTV. 其中最有希望的是上下文定位.


A joint study by Vevo and Channel 4 found an almost 50% rise in consumers with a notable preference for premium television content. Roxanne Harley, 艾泽里安客户战略总监, explains how advertisers can adapt to this consumer preference shift and optimize ad placement strategies within CTV environments to impactfully and accurately reach incremental, addressable audiences.


成功实现体育流媒体的规模化, streamers must commit to delivering the best video quality and reliable and advanced experiences, 同时打击盗版. Simon Brydon of Synamedia breaks down exactly how to get all bases covered in sports streaming.

The Rise of the Ad Tier: How Streaming Business Models Determine the Content We Watch

追求催化利润, large video streaming companies have been radically altering their approach to growing top-line revenue and curtailing costs for some time now, be it through layoffs, password-sharing crackdowns, 授权目录内容竞争流媒体, and, notably, 广告层级的引入.


Richard Evans, Vizrt高级内容制作人, 讨论音乐活动的未来和现场活动的方式, including major festivals such as South by Southwest (SXSW) are considering the digital experience more than ever.

Quality and Quantity: Why Curation is Table Stakes for CTV Advertising Success

Curation has promised to simplify and refine programmatic trading for many years, yet it has struggled to take off in a digital ecosystem where buyers are largely content maximising scale and minimising CPMs. But in CTV, 哪里的价格高,供应少, curation has emerged as table stakes to navigating advertising's newest premium channel.

Record U.S. 2024年的选举支出将催生新的广告技术创新

预计2024年的大选将带来创纪录的广告收入, 有人估计总金额超过100亿美元. 这将使2024年的选举成为美国历史上最昂贵的选举, surpassing the 2020 election, 哪项广告支出高达90亿美元. Dave Dembowski of Operative covers how new technologies to effectively segment, deliver addressable ads, and increase digitalization of TV buying make it easier to target local markets and audiences and what complexities come with this.